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The Kehati Foundation is a non-governmental organization that manages various programs to conserve Indonesia’s biodiversity in a fair and sustainable manner. With KEHATI, mahavra collaborated in creating branding designs for the Biodiversity Warriors program campaign, starting from logos, graphic elements, websites, to videos for event launching needs. Apart from that, Mahavra also worked on several […]

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XL Axiata

Every year, XL Axiata releases their annual report with different themes for the title. 2020’s theme was “Driving Growth, Delivering Excellence”. As the title suggest, XL Axiata requested the book cover to have images and scenes of Indonesian’s optimistic future. ​Through Digital Imaging, we delivered a design where the optimism are presented by various sector

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It is a self-reflection project told in the manner of children’s fictional stories. This tale-for-all-ages acts as a therapeutic approach for me to befriend my inner child, and of course, my current self. Ednok’s stories mostly tell about dreams, self-acceptance, and adaptation. It’s a projection on how I perceive my surroundings and process my feelings.

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Kotak Main (Play Box)

It is a methodological playground that opens dialogue(s) between artistic experience and the tedious things of daily life. Through the playground and the playing journal (called Buku Main or Play Book), Kotak Main invites parents, caregivers, teachers, and pedagog to celebrate the speculative futures through the children’s responses toward the space and mediums given. The

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